Assisted Living FAQ

Typically individuals qualify who are mobile with a walker or cane, with sufficient cognitive status to recognize their name on their medication package. Our professional staff can assist with an individualized assessment to determine the appropriate level of care needed.

Cost varies at each of our communities based on the size of the room and level of care required. Please call for a tour and current pricing information.

Traditional options include liquidating savings, investments, and retirement income. Insurance options might include long term care insurance or life insurance settlements. Government benefits might be available through VA for a veteran and/or spouse. There is also an option to finance through a home equity loan or reverse mortgage. A Cost Comparison Worksheet is available here to help determine the feasibility of paying for Assisted Living.

The current model for assisted living may provide services very similar to a nursing home. However, there are significant differences in the levels of care, environment and cost. Skilled nursing serves long term, chronically ill or more severely debilitated patients. It is more of a clinical setting with licensed nurses on duty around the clock. Assisted living provides a supportive living arrangement for those who need some assistance with grooming, dining, housekeeping and laundry services, and who desire 24 hour security. Assisted living communities offer as much independence as desired, and also provide socialization through family style meals and daily planned activities.

When it becomes evident that your family member does not take their medication as prescribed, are not eating properly even though meals may be provided, and need reminders or help with bathing and grooming, you should begin to explore options for expanded in-home care or assisted living services. The best indicator for moving to assisted living is whether or not you worry about them at night or when no one is there.

Assisted living residents are not limited to the number or length of visits out. Some residents bring their car as well.

Absolutely! Residents are encouraged to furnish and decorate their rooms or suites with all the personal touches that make it their home.

Our residents are friendly people and many are likely to approach you when they notice a new face. There are many opportunities to mingle and enjoy activities throughout the day with others.

There are no set visiting hours. It’s just like living at home. You and your guests are free to come and go as you please. After a certain hour in the evening the doors are locked so visitors must ring the doorbell, but staff is readily available to let them in.

Senior Rehabilitation FAQ

Sub-Acute Care is any skilled nursing and rehabilitation that occurs after a hospital stay. Typically, sub-acute care serves to transition the patient from the hospital to home and assists them in the recuperation process.  Sub-acute care can include rehabilitation services (Physical, Occupational, and Speech), specialized care for certain conditions such as stroke and diabetes and/or post-surgical care.

The length or duration of a patient’s stay varies dependent on the individual patient’s needs and goals. Some patients have relatively short stays; a week or two, while others may stay for longer.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid, private pay and most commercial insurances. To determine if your insurance is accepted, we invite you to call us at 334.793.1177 and ask for the Admission’s office.

Therapy is available 6 days a week. Frequency is dependent on patient need and therapist evaluation. Average therapy schedules cover up to 3 hours per day, 5-6 days a week.

Our physician will see the patient at least 3 days a week, unless there is a medical issue that requires the physician’s attention. Physician extenders also assist with patient care and are at the facility multiple days of the week.

All of our Rehabilitation Center patient rooms are private and spacious. There are 32 private rooms available for sub-acute care. To insure a room is available for you or your loved, we offer preadmission services for a planned procedure. If your hospital admission is unplanned, you may have a family member or your hospital case manager contact us as to room availability at any time.

Yes, we try to consistently schedule patients with same clinical team so they can build a relationship of trust, familiarization and confidence.

We encourage family members to visit their loved ones anytime – 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year. However, we recommend visiting during normal business hours so you have the ability to interact with the key clinical staff to answer any questions you may have in regard to your loved one’s care.

Yes. Provided that the food item is within the guidelines and limitations set by our Registered Dietitian and as stated in the plan of care.

Yes. We have a lovely dining room in the Rehabilitation Center. However, we do not offer food service to visitors, but they are more than welcome to bring a meal with them and enjoy it with you.

Yes, each room has a television with cable access, a private telephone and Wi-Fi internet access.

Our Activity Department has several different types of planned activities during the day. Our rehabilitation patients are welcome to participate, however social activities should be scheduled during a time when the patient is not involved in a therapy session. Many times, our therapists can accommodate the patient’s desire to attend a certain activity by rearranging their therapy session.

Your family is certainly welcome to do your laundry, however laundry services are provided at no extra charge to you.

Patients should have a few sets of comfortable, loose fitting clothes, making sure to label them with your loved ones name and a pair of comfortable walking/running shoes with a back and rubber soles.  Other items to think about would be general toiletries and any special needs they may have.

Our center offers complimentary beauty/barber shop services and an afternoon tea/ refreshment cart for the patients.

Long Term Care FAQ

Individuals who are in need of specialized services or intensive, 24-hour complex medical care.

All health-related services are delivered by onsite state licensed nurses with the management and guidance of the attending physician. Personal care services are delivered by state certified nursing assistants. Facilities are also staffed with licensed social workers, licensed therapists, licensed dietitians, licensed dietary managers and licensed activity personnel.  Housekeeping, laundry and maintenance services are also provided. Skilled nursing (long-term care) is managed at the facility level by state licensed long-term care administrators.

Yes, Extendicare is certified by the State of Alabama and the Federal Government as a Medicare/Medicaid facility.

Skilled nursing facilities in Alabama are regulated by the Alabama State Department of Public Health and certified to participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). All skilled nursing facilities undergo an extensive unannounced survey conducted on the average of every 12 months.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) developed a rating system for nursing homes in 2009. The stars are based on the ratings broken down into four areas: The overall rating, health inspection surveys, quality measures and staffing information. This information can be viewed at

The earlier people plan for their long-term care needs, the better. The decision process will be much easier if you are familiar with the variety of services available in your area.

In the State of Alabama, long-term care services are paid for in either of two ways; private pay (the cost is the individual’s responsibility) or through the State of Alabama Medicaid program. To participate in State of Alabama Medicaid program, you must meet certain financial qualifications. To find answers to any questions you may have about qualifying for assistance, you can contact the local Alabama Medicaid Agency at 334.702.3100 or The State Department of Public Health at 1.334.206.5025. Extendicare will also be happy to answer general questions and help you get in touch with the Agencies. Call us anytime at 334.793.1177.  We are also finding that more and more residents have participated in purchasing their own long-term care insurance. We are more than happy to help you contact your provider to start your benefits.

Admission decisions are based upon the clinical and/or rehabilitation needs of the prospective patient/resident. Age is one of many factors evaluated. We will review all referrals age 21 and above for evaluation for potential admission.

All rooms are furnished with a chest of drawers, night table and hospital bed. However, if a resident wishes to replace the chest of drawers and night table with their own furnishings, it is possible. Since most of our long term accommodations are private rooms, there is usually plenty of room for a lift chair and few pieces of personal furnishings. Residents may bring their own comforters, pictures, etc. We will be happy to help with unloading furniture pieces and hanging wall art.

Family members are welcome to join outings at their expense and must provide their own transportation.

We encourage family and friends to visit as much as possible. There are no set visiting hours and family and friends are welcome to join in resident activities in the building. After a certain hour in the evening, all doors are locked and visitors must ring the doorbell and enter through the front entrance. All doors have a key pad entrance code and that will be explained to family when admission is completed.

Small pets are permitted to visit if certain criteria are met. Admissions will explain those requirements to your family. Pet Therapy is one of our favorite activities and we have volunteers who bring pets in for the resident’s to enjoy.

We have a variety of popular social gatherings in which everyone can participate. Volunteer groups provide a variety of entertainment. Our Activity Department staff will offer in room activities for those who can’t come to the dining room.

Our daily meals are set, however, alternate choices are always available. Each resident or their family member will mark the food selections for the next week. We serve three meals each day plus snacks.

Extendicare offers a beauty/barber salon at no charge to the resident. If anything other than a haircut or wash and set is desired, there will be an extra charge.   We also provide cable and wi-fi internet services at no charge.